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RealPage is aware of an issue with a recent update to Microsoft Office that is causing an issue if you attempt to select the option to view a document when prompted by your Web Browser.

To work around this issue, at this time, we ask that you select “Save” or the “Save As” option and manually open the file after it has been downloaded to your computer.

Product Updates

Opening Word or Excel files in OneSite

OneSite has changed the behavior around opening Microsoft Office documents from Letters and Reports to be more in-line with best practices. When opening Microsoft® Excel or Microsoft Word files in OneSite, such as reports or letters, you will now see a notification bar at the bottom of the page. This notification bar provides you with options to open or save the file.

Opening Word or Excel files in OneSite

OneSite Quarterly Release

The next OneSite quarterly release is scheduled for the evening of Saturday, May 12th, 2018.

OneSite Client System Support

Microsoft ended support of Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10 in 2016. With the Q1 2018 feature release of OneSite, RealPage will no longer support Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10. OneSite will not block access from these browsers, but we will not be certifying 100% compatibility. This also coincides with official support from Microsoft ending for Windows 8 on January 9th, 2018. RealPage will also be ending official support for Windows 7 and 8 for OneSite with our Q1 2018 feature release. RealPage recommends upgrading to the fully supported version of both the Windows operating system and Internet Explorer.

OneSite User Interface Refresh

As part of the November 2017 quarterly release, OneSite will reveal a new user interface, designed to make navigation easier and more user-friendly. Rest assured, there will be no change to functionality, features or your workflow—only the look has been refreshed. Watch this video to learn more about the new interface.

RealPage Client Portal

To transact with RealPage and access your information, go to the RealPage Client Portal. It offers a variety of useful resources, such as searching the knowledge base, updating profile information, submitting product ideas, and more.

To submit an enhancement idea, go to the Idea Exchange located in the RealPage Client Portal.

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